IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2010 – Hot Topics: Cédric Laurant and the EPHR project

At the recent IAPP Global Privacy Summit in Washington, D.C., many hot topics were addressed:

Privacy by Design, Behavioral Advertising, the new EU Cookie Consent Law, the Smart Power Grid, the Cloud, Web 2.0, the new EU Model Clause Agreements, Controllers, Processors and Sub-Processors, the recent Google convictions, to name just a few.

I interviewed a few prominent privacy professionals, attending and/or presenting at the summit on some of the important issues of the day.

In this video, I interviewed Cédric Laurant, who is an attorney and an independent privacy consultant based in Belgium. Cédric was probably the only European to have braved the Icelandic ash clouds in order to make it to the IAPP Summit in Washington, D.C. Indeed, about 25 European speakers and a couple of hundred European attendees never got to the summit because of cancelled flights all over Europe.

Cédric is closely involved in the brand new European Privacy and Human Rights ( EPHR) project. This project is a collaboration between EPIC ( Electronic Privacy Information Center) in Washington, D.C., PI (Privacy International) in London and the CEU ( Central European University ) in Budapest.

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