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First Tweeted Int’l Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners Conference – Jerusalem 2010

The 32nd International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, held on  october 27-29 2010 in Jerusalem, Israel, was the first event of its kind to be tweeted live. Israel’s data protection authority, ILITA, enabled live streaming of the conference on its web site, so that even twitterers who could not attend the conference in […]


Privacy and Data Protection: A Super Sad True Love Story

Meet Lenny Abramov: “ZIP code 10002, New York, New York. Income averaged over five-year-span, $289,420, yuan-pegged, within top 19 percent of U.S. income distribution. Current blood pressure 120 over 70. O-type blood. Thirty-nine years of age, lifespan estimated at eighty three (47 percent lifespan elapsed; 53 percent remaining). Ailments: high cholesterol, depression. Born: 11367 ZIP […]