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Privacy Week in Jerusalem, hosted by ILITA: A Preview

ILITA, The Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority, will host a Privacy Week on October 25-29, 2010 in Jerusalem, Israel.

Article 29 Working Party recently published an an opinion finding that Israeli data protection law largely provides an “adequate level of data protection” under the European Union Data Protection Directive 95/46.

Thus Israel will be joining the small and select club of countries to which personal data from the 27 EU member states and three EEA member countries ( Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland ) can flow without any safeguard being necessary.

( The other countries deemed “adequate” are : Switzerland, Canada, Argentina, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man and the Faroe Islands.)

This International Conference will consist of two parts:

1.October 25-26: OECD Conference on “Privacy, Technology and Global Data Flows


2.October 27-29: The 32nd Annual International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners on: ” Privacy: Generations.”

At the recent IAPP Global Privacy Summit in Washington, D.C., one of the more interesting sessions offered a preview to the 32nd Annual International Conference of Data and Privacy Commissioners‘ main themes.

The panel consisted of  Jules Polonetsky, Director of the Future of Privacy Forum, Yoram Hacohen, the Head of ILITA and Dr. Omer Tene, a Law Professor and an Israeli Legal Consultant on Law and Technology.

The theme of the conference will be:

A New Generation of Privacy :

1. A New Generation of Technologies

2. A New Generation of Users

3. A New Generation of Governance

1.The top issues for A New Generation of Technologies will be:

.Privacy by Design,

.E-Health and Genetics

.Profiling and Behavioral Targeting, RFID and the Smart Grid

.Privacy v. Intellectual Property

2.The top issues for a New Generation of Users will be:

.The past: Where did we come from?

.The present: Where are we now? What are the inter-generational shifts in privacy perceptions?

.The Future; Where are we headed?

3.The top issues for a New Generation of Governance will be:

.The relationship of Privacy and Antitrust Law

.Consumer Protection

.Erosion of Consent and the Right to Oblivion

.Government access to private sector data and Conflict of Law

Jules Polonetsky noted that this is the first time that the agenda of the conference has been revealed so openly, and also that for the first time, the conference will be featured on Twitter and Facebook.

ILITA on Twitter: ILITAgovil_en

ILITA on Facebook:Facebook Fan Page

The Privacy Conference’s

The participants at this session were invited to suggest further hot topics for inclusion in the conference. Some of the suggestions were:

.The role of the CPO in the US v the EU

.The differences in approach in the public v the private sector

.Data Security

.The human flesh search phenomenon in China

.The inclusion of Generation Y and their point of view on Privacy issues.

If you have any suggestions, you are welcome to email them to:


Program and Registration for Data Commissioner’s Conference now online

Irish block EU plan to allow data transfer to Israel

“The draft Commission Decision on the adequate protection of personal data in the State of Israel has been adopted on 25 October in the comitology procedure (so called Article 31 Committee),” said the spokeswoman. “The European Parliament has one month of scrutiny. Its opinion is however not binding for the Commission.”