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Are Dynamic IP Addresses Personal Information?

What is a Dynamic IP address? An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a series of digits assigned by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as Time Warner or Verizon, to each computer that accesses the internet. Static IP addresses are permanent IP addresses, usually assigned to organizations with large networks. Most individuals however get assigned […]

Top Monthly Privacy and Data Protection News

by Monique Altheim on April 30, 2014 This past month saw another batch of large data breaches, with “Heartbleed” considered by some the largest data security breach in the history of the internet; a flurry of legislative efforts by the States to regulate the use of drones, student privacy and government surveillance; a landmark victory […]

Top Weekly Privacy Stories

Apps   the clmtrackr (cml=constrained local model): the app that reads your emotions on your face.     Conferences    LegalTech New York 2014 Sessions to Focus on eDiscovery Trends, Information Management and Emerging Data Security Challenges (on which latter topic I participate in a plenary panel).       Data Breaches    Target: Hacking Hit […]

Pictures, Online Tagging, Facial Recognition and Privacy: A Study by the CNIL

 In a recent article, published by the Huffington Post, Isabelle Falque Perrotin, the President of the CNIL * , summarizes the findings of a study that the CNIL had commissioned on the use of photos in social media. The study was conducted by TNS Sofres on a national sample of 1554 people age thirteen and up. The […]

How EDiscoveryMap’s Monique Altheim Kept a Global Audience Informed in 2012 on Privacy, Ediscovery and Social Media

    A short recap of EDiscoveryMap’s Monique Altheim‘s activities in 2012 to help keep her global readers informed and up to date in the areas of Privacy, Ediscovery and Social Media:  She spoke on or moderated 11 panels at conferences, from Washington D.C. and  L.A. to Brussels, Belgium, Prague, Czech Republic and Punta del […]

Ediscovery, Privacy, Data Protection and Social Media Weekly Updates

Microsoft Is Losing In A Bitter Battle To Protect Internet Users' Privacy # California's New Social Media "Password Protection" Law Takes a More Balanced Approach by Accounting for Employers' … # Millions of PlaySpan user IDs and passwords leaked online # On the Eve of International Conference in Uruguay, Taking Stock of […]

Ediscovery, Privacy, Data Protection and Social Media Weekly Updates

California Adds Affirmative Defense to Medical Privacy Law – A new law that amends the California Confidentiality of… # Marine pleads guilty to federal identity theft fraud # FTC Imposes $1 Million Fine Against Musicians’ Fan Websites for COPPA Violations # Facebook Scans Private Messages To Hand Out Public ‘Likes’ – Facebook […]

Ediscovery, Privacy, Data Protection and Social Media Weekly Updates

Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner Publishes Revised Guidance on Collection of Fingerprint Data # NZ: IRD says sorry for privacy breach # On Remand, Court Finds Rambus Committed Spoliation, Will Adjust Royalty Rate as Sanction # Apex Laboratory notified by law enforcement of system compromise in July; notifying patients # NLRB Judge […]

Ediscovery, Privacy, Data Protection and Social Media Weekly Updates

PCI Security Standards Council Issues Best Practices for Mobile Payment Acceptance Security # Blue Cross Blue Shield discloses employee data breach # NLRB Invalidates Costco’s Social Media Policy – As reported in the Hunton Employment & Labor Perspectives Blog, on S… # Facing Fines for Contempt, Twitter Produces Defendant’s Tweets # […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for EUdiscovery

Court Sees “No Principled Reason to Articulate Different Standards for the Discoverability of Communications through… # New Safeguarding Requirements for Government Contractor Information Systems # FTC Issues Mobile App Guidance – On September 5, 2012, the Federal Trade Commission issued guidelines for mobile app… # University Decides Sex Tracking Smartphone App May […]