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The Meaning of “Consent” in the EU Data Protection Framework: A New Article 29 Working Party Opinion

  The Meaning of “Consent” in the EU Data Protection Framework: A New Article 29 Working Party Opinion   On July 13, 2011, the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party (hereafter Article 29 WP ) adopted Opinion 15/2011 on the Definition of Consent.   This opinion looks into the legal framework regarding the use of […]

The European Data Protection Supervisor publishes his opinion on the EU personal data protection legal framework overhaul

The European Data Protection Supervisor, Peter Hustinx, has published his opinion in response to  the Commission’s Communication regarding the review of the personal data protection legal framework on his website yesterday, while it was published on this website one day before. The EDPS recommends that the new legal instrument should be a regulation instead of a directive […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for EUdiscovery

Adobe makes it easier to delete Flash cookies #privacy #dataprotection # Data Security And Cyber Security Laws Needed In India # When MySpace Goes, What Happens to the Data and Privacy? # that was so 2008 RT @kashhill: Brooklyn College Student Committed to Mental Institution After Hidden Camera Complaint # RT […]

The Social Media User’s Holiday Wish for Privacy (In Plain English)

“May 2011 see the universal inception of PbDs, PETs and SSL/TLS to refudiate the global sniffing and scraping of UDIDs, DPIs, URLs and all digital footprints by grizzlie cookies and other such monsters. May we see lots of double rainbows in the cloud!” P.S. Quick poll (this will help us enhance your online user experience): 1. Are […]

Privacy and Data Protection: A Super Sad True Love Story

Meet Lenny Abramov: “ZIP code 10002, New York, New York. Income averaged over five-year-span, $289,420, yuan-pegged, within top 19 percent of U.S. income distribution. Current blood pressure 120 over 70. O-type blood. Thirty-nine years of age, lifespan estimated at eighty three (47 percent lifespan elapsed; 53 percent remaining). Ailments: high cholesterol, depression. Born: 11367 ZIP […]

Federal Court in NY Says EU Documents Containing Personal Information are Off Limits in Class Action Litigation

This post was written by Kevin Xu and John L. Hines, Jr. U.S. courts often disregard foreign data privacy laws in the context of discovery. Litigants sometimes find themselves compelled to produce under U.S. law what they are forbidden to produce under the privacy laws of another country. However, a recent U.S. court decision indicates […]

EU Article 29 Working Party Decrees Strict Opt-In Standards for Behavioral Advertising Data Collection

by Bret Cohen On June 24, the Article 29 Working Party established by the 1995 European Directive on Data Protection published an opinion declaring that online advertisers who want to target ads by tracking consumers’ surfing habits must obtain the consumers’ affirmative opt-in consent to such data collection.At the same time, the Working Party lauded certain privacy-enhancing practices incorporated into behavioral […]

Of the Valorous Don Quixote’s Success in the Dreadful and Never Before Imagined Adventure of the Windmills

“It is quite clear,” replied Don Quixote, “that you are not experienced in this matter of adventures. They are giants, and if you are afraid, go away and say your prayers, whilst I advance and engage them in fierce and unequal battle.” -DON QUIXOTE de LA MANCHA

Privacy Week in Jerusalem, hosted by ILITA: A Preview

ILITA, The Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority, will host a Privacy Week on October 25-29, 2010 in Jerusalem, Israel. Article 29 Working Party recently published an an opinion finding that Israeli data protection law largely provides an “adequate level of data protection” under the European Union Data Protection Directive 95/46. Thus Israel will be joining […]

Cloud Security and Privacy: A Legal Compliance and Risk-Management Guide, Part 1 and 2

In this two-part series, legal expert Robert McHale, author of Data Security and Identity Theft: New Privacy Regulations That Affect Your Business, provides a comprehensive overview of the legal security and privacy risks associated with cloud computing. Part 1 discusses the principal federal and state laws regulating cloud activities. Part 2 provides a practical due diligence […]