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Privacy, European Union Data Protection and EDiscovery

Ediscovery in US Civil Litigation and EU Data Protection EDiscovery in the US  Electronic Discovery (or “Ediscovery”) is the process of identifying, preserving, collecting, preparing, reviewing, and producing electronically stored information (“ESI”) in the context of the legal process. Some examples of ESI are: emails, word documents, power point presentations, excel sheets, social media posts, […]

Musings on The Deep Cultural Divide between The US Ediscovery Tradition and The EU Privacy Protection Principles

by Chris Dale I expressed puzzlement recently at the high proportion of page views from the US over a period when most of my focus has been on the UK draft practice direction. I know, of course, that there is much US interest in developments in other jurisdictions, particularly the UK, and there is an […]

Legal Hold

JUDGE SCHEINDLIN OF ZUBULAKE ISSUES COMPREHENSIVE LEGAL HOLD OPINION by John Jablonski The Judge that brought us the now famous Zubulake series of legal hold decisions has weighed in on the state of litigation holds in the United States.  In particular, Zubulake IV requires a corporation to issue a litigation hold to preserve relevant evidence […]