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Top Monthly Privacy and Data Protection News

by Monique Altheim on April 30, 2014 This past month saw another batch of large data breaches, with “Heartbleed” considered by some the largest data security breach in the history of the internet; a flurry of legislative efforts by the States to regulate the use of drones, student privacy and government surveillance; a landmark victory […]

Online Directories and Privacy: The Story of Jo Average Jr., Part 1

Jo Average Jr. has just been laid off because of the recession and has started sending his resume to hundreds of potential employers. He has many years of experience in his field, but was careful not to go too much back in time on his resume, so as not to reveal his real age. Even […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for EUdiscovery

Implications of #SocialMedia in Regulated Industries #ediscovery #dataretention # Are student Cell Phone Records searchable ? #privacy # #FCRA #discrimination RT @josh_greenberg Your social media history: the new job hurdle #HR #privacy #SM # House Subcommittee Passes Fake “Data Security” Bill #databreach # Sony insurer sues to deny #databreach coverage […]

Smart Phones, Trojan Horses and Data Protection.

During the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on mobile privacy, held on May 10, Senator Whitehouse asked Rich (FTC) and Weinstein (DOJ) if mobile apps were like “Trojan Horses” of consumer info. What is a Trojan Horse? According to Wikipedia,The Trojan Horse is a tale from antiquity. “In one version, after a fruitless 10-year siege of Troy, […]

The Review of the EU Data Protection Framework v. The State of Online Consumer Privacy in the US

Yesterday, on March 16, 2011, I had a field day. As an attorney, licensed both in the EU and in the US, with a special interest in privacy law, I was able to observe quasi simultanuous policy making by both Brussels and Washington, D.C. on the same subject matter, from the comfort of my office […]

Computer, Privacy & Data Protection: European Data Protection: In Good Health? Part 2

According to its mission statement, the annual conference “Computers, Privacy and Data Protection“ in Brussels aims to create a bridge between policy makers, academics, practitioners and activists, and aims to become Europe’s most important forum for the discussion of data protection and privacy issues. This goal was certainly reached during the panel on Bahavioural Targeting and […]

Article 29 Working Party Opinion 8/2010 on Applicable Law, Article 4 (1) EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and Smartphone Apps

A colleague of mine, Cédric Laurant, recently posted an interesting question on a LinkedIn group that I manage, the European Data Protection Forum : “Do some iPhone and Android smartphone application makers… violate the consent requirement of the e-Privacy Directive (2009/136)?” Apple, Inc. got sued on Dec. 23 in federal court in San Jose, California. The […]

Of the Valorous Don Quixote’s Success in the Dreadful and Never Before Imagined Adventure of the Windmills

“It is quite clear,” replied Don Quixote, “that you are not experienced in this matter of adventures. They are giants, and if you are afraid, go away and say your prayers, whilst I advance and engage them in fierce and unequal battle.” -DON QUIXOTE de LA MANCHA

Ediscovery, Cloud Computing and EU Data Protection: Cloud Nationalities Do Matter

Cloud Computing With Borders May Be On Horizon in Europe by Jennifer L. Schenker A proposal to build a national federation of interconnected computing clouds in France, funded in part by government in order to protect the country’s sovereignty, data privacy and local jobs, is gaining favor. Some fear that the idea, which is in part […]

IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2010 – Hot Topics : Jay Libove on Italy v. Google

At the recent IAPP Global Privacy Summit in Washington, D.C., many hot topics were addressed: Privacy by Design, Behavioral Advertising, the new EU Cookie Consent Law, the Smart Power Grid, the Cloud, Web 2.0, the new EU Model Clause Agreements, Controllers, Processors and Sub-Processors, the recent Google convictions, to name just a few. I interviewed […]