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Top Monthly Privacy and Data Protection News

by Monique Altheim on April 30, 2014 This past month saw another batch of large data breaches, with “Heartbleed” considered by some the largest data security breach in the history of the internet; a flurry of legislative efforts by the States to regulate the use of drones, student privacy and government surveillance; a landmark victory […]

@AltheimLaw’s Privacy and Data Protection Week in Review

California Privacy   Should We Cheer The California Attorney General’s Revenge Porn Arrest Or Find It Alarming? (Forbes Cross-Post)  California’s New Do-Not-Track Law Goes Into Effect January 1, 2014, Remember To Check Your Privacy Policy For …     Conferences   IAPP Daily Dashboard ‏@DailyDashboard17 Dec Coverage of last week’s #DPCongress #NSA panel w/ @ioerror @stewartbaker @bendrath & Vodafone (recording included) “Yes, Consent Is Dead. […]

Pictures, Online Tagging, Facial Recognition and Privacy: A Study by the CNIL

 In a recent article, published by the Huffington Post, Isabelle Falque Perrotin, the President of the CNIL * , summarizes the findings of a study that the CNIL had commissioned on the use of photos in social media. The study was conducted by TNS Sofres on a national sample of 1554 people age thirteen and up. The […]

Are Facebook Users Giving up their Expectation of Privacy in Return for an Expectation of Imaginary Connection?

If you are like me, you post on Facebook in leaps and bounds. I have periods of silence, followed by bursts of sharing of photos, links to articles and status updates. During one recent prolific posting period of two weeks, I noticed that none of my posts had generated any reaction whatsoever: not a single […]

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Twitter Weekly Updates for EUdiscovery

Implications of #SocialMedia in Regulated Industries #ediscovery #dataretention # Are student Cell Phone Records searchable ? #privacy # #FCRA #discrimination RT @josh_greenberg Your social media history: the new job hurdle #HR #privacy #SM # House Subcommittee Passes Fake “Data Security” Bill #databreach # Sony insurer sues to deny #databreach coverage […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for EUdiscovery

Apple Fined Less than a Thousand Bucks in iPhone Tracking Lawsuit #privacy # many didn’t seem to know much…RT @PrivacyCamp: By their staff (nough said) RT @eudiscovery: Don’t our repres… (cont) # Mack: personal data is a gold rush of our time #privacy # Don’t our representatives get briefed on the subject before […]

The Review of the EU Data Protection Framework v. The State of Online Consumer Privacy in the US

Yesterday, on March 16, 2011, I had a field day. As an attorney, licensed both in the EU and in the US, with a special interest in privacy law, I was able to observe quasi simultanuous policy making by both Brussels and Washington, D.C. on the same subject matter, from the comfort of my office […]

Facebook and the First Amendment: Facebook decides who gets to view your posts and whose post you get to view

In a bold new move, Facebook has taken on the role of content censor on its own platform, and has done so in its notoriously sneaky style. It is by chance that I learned about the change in my Facebook settings, thanks to the fact that I am lucky enough to be connected to some […]

Computer, Privacy & Data Protection: European Data Protection: In Good Health? Part 2

According to its mission statement, the annual conference “Computers, Privacy and Data Protection“ in Brussels aims to create a bridge between policy makers, academics, practitioners and activists, and aims to become Europe’s most important forum for the discussion of data protection and privacy issues. This goal was certainly reached during the panel on Bahavioural Targeting and […]