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Big Data




Children Online Privacy



·      Watch All ‪#30c3 talks, without data retention or Google spyware ‪ …



Data Breaches

·      WA: Sumner fires temporary court clerk for sending herself city data on 3,600 people ‪ 


The Briar Group discloses security breach affecting eight Boston bars and restaurants (updated) ‪ 

·      South Carolina Health Insurance Pool reports breach after laptop stolen from independent auditor’s car ‪ 

·      Social Security Customer Service Employee Indicted For Stealing Information And Money From Agency ‪ 

·      Data breach cost $3.7m, claims report ‪ 


Following hack, RegistratioNation discovers some customer data was inadvertently being stored on its server ‪ 


T-Mobile USA customers to be notified of security breach at supplier’s ‪ 

·      Actelis Networks reports theft of safes with Human Resources files ‪ 

·      PA: Waiter skimmed customers’ cards ‪ 

·      Office backup drive stored at home,stolen‪ 

·      Senators Call for Hearing on Data Security in Wake of Target Data Breach ‪ 

·      House Republicans Signal Push for Data Breach Legislation ‪ 

·      Hackers Leaked 4.6 Million Snapchat Usernames and Phone Numbers

·      Alleged Snapchat hackers explain how and why they leaked data on 4.6 million accounts ‪ 


Omniquad Surf Wall Remote injects string into the browser user agent that identifies users – claim ‪ 

  • Sandwich chain ‘wichcraft had two-months worth of its customers’ card information hacked





·      Facebook Sued For Scanning ‘Private’ Messages


EU Data Protection



Cookie harmonisation? Forget  it ‪ …

·      French DPA Issues Guidance on Cookie Consent Allowing Flexibility ‪ 

·      Privacy group reveals more than 1m pupils are fingerprinted – thousands without their parent’s consent ‪ …


EU Data Protection Reform


·      The decisions on ‪#EUDataP will be made by Spring 2014. Get active now! says ‪@JanAlbrecht‪#30c3


VIDEO Jan Phillip Albrecht at ‪#30C3 ‪#EUDataP: State of the Union ‪ …



Fourth Amendment 






FTC, Section 5


·      Accretive Health Settles FTC Charges That It Failed to Adequately Protect Consumers’ Personal Information ‪ 

FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)




·      Clinic Hit With $150,000 ‪#HIPAA Penalty ‪ 

·      ‪@MedPractices stories of 2013 ‪ 

·      HHS Announces First HIPAA Settlement Based on Lack of Breach Notification Policies and Procedures ‪ 


4-year long HIPAA breach uncovered ‪ 


IoT (Internet of Things)


·      The Internet of Sharks sends tweets to alert swimmers of approaching sharks: ‪ 




·      MetaPhone: The NSA’s Got Your Number ‪ 

·      Minnesota librarians push to curb NSA snooping ‪ 


Documents Reveal Top NSA Hacking Unit, TAO ‪ 

·      Snowden: “A child born today will grow up with no conception of ‪#privacy at all.” VIDEO ‪ …


ACLU Appeals Decision Upholding NSA’s Mass Surveillance ‪ 

·      NSA building quantum computer to crack all forms of encryption  ‪ …



Social Media


·      3 Social Media Trends You Should Know About ‪ 


Technology and Lifestyles, New Developments in


·      Bitcoin’s Incredible Year ‪ 

·  Drones Raise Red Flags Regarding Privacy Rights ‪ 

·      Bob Greenberg on advertising in 2014: Prepare to be disrupted. ‪ …

·      9 technologies that can be game changers in 2014‪ …

·      Not sure what to expect at ‪#CES2014? Here’s a handy preview from ‪@verge: ‪ 


Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA)


·      Video Privacy Protection Act Plaintiffs Can Proceed Against Hulu Absent Showing of Actual Injury ‪ 



Year in Review


·      The Year in Privacy 2013 and the Year to Come ‪