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How EDiscoveryMap’s Monique Altheim Kept a Global Audience Informed in 2012 on Privacy, Ediscovery and Social Media



A short recap of EDiscoveryMap’s Monique Altheim‘s activities in 2012 to help keep her global readers informed and up to date in the areas of Privacy, Ediscovery and Social Media:

  •  She spoke on or moderated 11 panels at conferences, from Washington D.C. and  L.A. to Brussels, Belgium, Prague, Czech Republic and Punta del Este, Uruguay.
  • She attended another half a dozen conferences related to Privacy, Ediscovery, Social Media, Cloud and Big Data.
  • She posted daily updates on her LinkedIn, Google+ Page and Facebook Page. The Facebook Page reached readers from the U.S., Canada, Belgium, Brazil, United Kingdom, Mexico, Iran, Italy, New Zealand, Malaysia, Sweden, South Korea, Germany, Spain, Israel, Argentina, Congo, Jamaica and Netherlands. The Linkedin posts reached readers from the U.S., Canada, Belgium, Spain, France, U.K., Italy, Netherlands,Ireland,Austria,Bulgaria, Sweden, Hungary, Poland,Russia, Estonia,Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Portugal,Norway, Switzwerland, Luxemburg,Finland, Ukraine, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Malta, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Columbia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, India, China, Japan,Malaysia, Nepal,Singapore, Taiwan and Kenia.
  • She tweeted thousands of Privacy, Ediscovery and Social Media tweets via her three Twitter handles @moniquealtheim, @EDiscoveryMap and @EUdiscovery
  • She posted more than 80 blog posts on her blog EDiscoveryMap. The blog has a global readership from the U.S and Canada to Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. EDiscoveryMap reaches on average, viewers from about 55 countries worldwide.
  • She created and posted half a dozen power point presentations on her SlideShare site. The slides averaged, to date, about 7,000 views world wide.
  • She continued her daily publication of the EDiscovery and Data Protection Daily.
  • She created 10 privacy/ediscovey/social media related videos, which she uploaded on her EDiscoveryMap YouTube Channel.  Her privacy, ediscovery & social media videos were watched from the U.S, Canada, Israel, Morocco, Poland, Ireland, Ukraine, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherands, Czech Republic, Uruguay, South Korea, Hong Kong and India.
  • She co-authored the E-book “E-Discovery Legal Issues Guidebook”,  published by PenTest Magazine.
  • She updated her information sharing mobile app for iPhone/iPad and Android devices a few times, working on constantly perfecting it and also added a privacy policy to it. The app has been uploaded from the U.S. & Canada ,Europe, China, Japan, Taiwan, India, the Middle East and South America.
  • And finally, in a search for continuous improvement of her knowledge of privacy and data protection, she earned the additional certification of CIPP/E (Certfied Information Privacy Professional/Europe).

Wishing all a Happy 2013, and looking forward to continue to share information this coming year via old and new channels and platforms.