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  • Australia Post in online privacy breach 
  • Ediscovery and DataProtection Daily is out! 
  • Infographic on the parties’ views on cybersecrity – Here’s a terrific infographic from Veracode that helps one navig… 
  • Webinar: How to Protect Your Organization Without Sinking in the Quagmire of New Background Check Laws
  • PLS Financial/Payday Loan Store settles government charges of improper disposal of customer records
  • Eighth Circuit rules against students’ free speech claim over offensive website 
  • Teacher Accidentally Puts Racy Photo On Students’ iPad. School Bizarrely Suspends Students.
  • Canadian and German Data Protection Authorities Sign Collaboration Agreement 
  • The European Court of Justice Rules That Austria’s Data Protection Authority Is Not Sufficiently Independent 
  • UK: Housing association email attachment gaffe discloses employees’ sensitive personal information 
  • Ediscovery and DataProtection Daily is out!  ▸ Top stories today via @WarOnPrivacy