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Month: January, 2012

Twitter Weekly Updates for EUdiscovery

“@legalift Very impt point on deletion of art.42 from Dec. Draft- no notificatn duty anymre to EU DPA whn US asks for personl data #CPDP2012 # Reding's press release on the EU #Dataprotection reform as taped & livestreamed in the EC press room by @moniquealtheim # I posted 3 photos on Facebook in the […]

The EU Data Protection Reform: Viviane Reding’s 1/25/2012 Press Conference

I happened to be in Brussels as the European Commission (EC) announced the publication of its final draft for a new Regulation and a new Directive and decided on the spur of the moment to attend Viviane Reding’s Press Conference at the EC where I livestreamed her announcement   Click here for a complete coverage […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for EUdiscovery

So, is the @CPDPconferences hashtag #CPDP or #CPDP2012 or both? # US continue pushing on EU Commission against Data Protection proposals | EDRI # Megaupload Gets Shut Down By Feds – Amid a raging piracy debate this week, the Justice Department shut down one of t… # How Is The New Facebook ‘Open […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for EUdiscovery

Massachusetts Court Dismisses ZIP Code Suit for Failure to Allege a Cognizable Injury # . @JustinBrookman, @WhereIsYourData & @sharonnelsonesq showed up in my social summary! # U.S. Supreme Court Rules CROA Does Not Override Arbitration Clauses # Aaron Barr Schools Law Enforcement On 'Learning To Love Social Media' # Ediscovery and […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for EUdiscovery

Personal information of millions of Vietnamese offered for sale # Thanks to @ComplexD, @lawtechTalk & @DiscoverTERIS for curating my social summary! # Planned Virtualized ATMs Highlight Potential Security Benefits of Cloud # Did Joining LinkedIn Cost This Guy His Job? – A human resources manager was "forced out of his job" after […]

How EdiscoveryMap Kept You Informed in 2011

A short recap of EDiscoveryMap’s Monique Altheim‘s activities in 2011 to help keep her readers informed in the areas of Privacy, Ediscovery and Social Media: She attended nine conferences worldwide (Brussels, Lisbon, Mexico City, Washington D.C., Arlington, New York) related to Privacy, Ediscovery, Social Media and the Internet, to keep informed on the latest developments […]