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The Social Media User’s Holiday Wish for Privacy (In Plain English)

“May 2011 see the universal inception of PbDs, PETs and SSL/TLS to refudiate the global sniffing and scraping of UDIDs, DPIs, URLs and all digital footprints by grizzlie cookies and other such monsters.

May we see lots of double rainbows in the cloud!”

P.S. Quick poll (this will help us enhance your online user experience):

1. Are you

A. a sofalizer

B. a cofficer?

C. none of the above

D. all of the above

2. In order to understand this wish in plain English, did you need the help of

A. This recent New York Times article

B. PbD = Privacy by Design

C. PET = Privacy Enhancing Technologies

D. UDID = Unique Device Identifier

E. DPI = Deep Packet Inspection

F. All of the above

G. None of the above

H. Some of the above?

3. Do you like

A. Cup cakes

B. Peanut butter sandwiches

C. Soft bristled tooth brushes

D. Sarah Palin

E. All of the above

F. None of the above

G. Some of the above

Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!