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Month: December, 2010

Data Retention in the EU Five Years after the Directive

The European Commission is planning a review of the Data Retention Directive of 2006, which could include a harmonization and reduction of the periods when public authorities can access citizens’ private data held by telecommunication companies for security matters. The directive allows for retention periods between 6 months and 24 months. Most member states have implementd […]

A Week’s Worth of Ediscovery, Privacy, Cloud and Social Media Tweets by @EUdiscovery

Have a social and mobile new year #mobileshopping Top 5 Privacy Violations of 2010 #wikileaks#FB #tylerclementi #karenowen #foursquare Future-proof your data archive #infogovernance#ediscovery #compliance BlackBerry says India can’t access encrypted data #privacy McDonald’s accused of violating privacy #datapotection eDiscoveryJournal Reflects on The Year 2010 Seeks Comments on Internet Privacy Report What you need to know […]

A Week’s Worth of Ediscovery, Privacy and Social Media Tweets by @EUdiscovery

Video Surveillance Now Available with New Feature “Privacy Mask” Judge Allows NebuAd Privacy Lawsuit To Proceed #behavioraltargeting #tracking The Year Ahead for Text and Sentiment Analysis #socialmedia EU adopts report on “the Impact of Advertising on Consumer Behaviour #privacy #dataprotection EU Criticises US ‘Lack Of Interest’ In Data Protection #privacy #dataprotection Privacy, Hactivists, Insider Threats: […]

The Social Media User’s Holiday Wish for Privacy (In Plain English)

“May 2011 see the universal inception of PbDs, PETs and SSL/TLS to refudiate the global sniffing and scraping of UDIDs, DPIs, URLs and all digital footprints by grizzlie cookies and other such monsters. May we see lots of double rainbows in the cloud!” P.S. Quick poll (this will help us enhance your online user experience): 1. Are […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for EUdiscovery

yes RT @legalift: @EUdiscovery Hilarious that such a conf takes place in a state where youtube is banned and police surveillance is rampant. # Thanks for recent RTs! @proactivedefend @opexxx @tamir_i @RobertCruz03 @PSS_Systems @day-dree @christinazaba @fcopyright (3/3) # Thanks for recenr RTS ! @asialegaltech @globaledd @legalift @Tips4Tech @HighlightTech @_nat @PrivacyFanatic (2/3) # Thanks for recent […]

Tunisia: International Conference on the Protection of Personal Data in a World without Borders

Yesterday, an international conference on data protection of personal data took place in Tunis, as reported in this article . The theme of the conference was: Data Protection of Personal Information in a world without borders and the challenges of new technologies. Tunisian Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Mr. Lazher Bououini, reaffirmed Tunisian’s President […]

How to recover your data from the cloud

Where is my data? #@$%&*! Follow Super Mario to find out!

RT @EFF Breaking News on EFF V…

RT @EFF Breaking News on EFF Victory: Appeals Court Holds that Email Privacy Protected by Fourth Amendment

Twitter Updates for EUdiscovery

RT@PosseList Dec 11th weekend “Top 20 … plus more” – a compendium of e-discovery articles/upcoming events #ediscovery # #Dataprotection compliance in the EU administration: EDPS adopts comprehensive policy on supervision and enforcement # IQPC Exchange in Munich: Information Retention and eDiscovery in Europe # Will 2011 be the year of Cloud?: […]

The International Association of Privacy Professionals’ First Europe Data Protection Congress

I recently attended the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ (IAPP) very first Europe Data Protection Congress in Paris on November 29 and 30. The attendee list was impressive: Privacy professionals, employed by Fortune 500 companies from a wide variety of industries, like Hewlett-Packard, Lockheed Martin, Citigroup, Oracle, Western Union, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Google, Yahoo, Estee […]