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The Data Privacy Debate in Social Media Market Research: A Legal Perspective

by Monique Altheim recently hosted a debate by representatives of research associations and companies engaged in social media research on the subject of data privacy in social media market research. Three major industry bodies were represented: CASRO, MRS and ESOMAR. The debate was spurred on by the recent issuing of new guidelines by ESOMAR, draft guidelines by CASRO […]

Carlota Perez’s Message of Hope at the Web 2.0 Expo New York

  Web 2.0 Expo, the trade show for the builders of the next-generation web, just ended in New York. As usual since its debut in 2004, the conference offered a rich array of presentations related to the web ecosystem, showcasing innovations and practical advice  in design, marketing, ecommerce, cloud computing and social media. Out of […]

Facebook’s Newest Changes: Don’t Forget Privacy and Ediscovery!

Last week, facebook announced many new features. For those too busy to try to figure out where to find what on facebook, I have made a powerpoint presentation, outlining the major changes in simple graphics. It goes without saying that I included some caveats for the privacy conscientious and some pointers for ediscovery professionals. Enjoy! […]