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Month: September, 2012

Ediscovery, Privacy, Data Protection and Social Media Weekly Updates

Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner Publishes Revised Guidance on Collection of Fingerprint Data # NZ: IRD says sorry for privacy breach # On Remand, Court Finds Rambus Committed Spoliation, Will Adjust Royalty Rate as Sanction # Apex Laboratory notified by law enforcement of system compromise in July; notifying patients # NLRB Judge […]

Ediscovery, Privacy, Data Protection and Social Media Weekly Updates

PCI Security Standards Council Issues Best Practices for Mobile Payment Acceptance Security # Blue Cross Blue Shield discloses employee data breach # NLRB Invalidates Costco’s Social Media Policy – As reported in the Hunton Employment & Labor Perspectives Blog, on S… # Facing Fines for Contempt, Twitter Produces Defendant’s Tweets # […]

E-Discovery Legal Issues for IT

  Lawyers are often labeled as “luddites” and their lack of understanding of technology is legendary. In an era, where almost all business records are in the form of electronically stored information, it has become essential for lawyers to become more technologically savvy. On the other hand, it is just as important for IT to […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for EUdiscovery

Court Sees “No Principled Reason to Articulate Different Standards for the Discoverability of Communications through… # New Safeguarding Requirements for Government Contractor Information Systems # FTC Issues Mobile App Guidance – On September 5, 2012, the Federal Trade Commission issued guidelines for mobile app… # University Decides Sex Tracking Smartphone App May […]